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Solving computer problems is my speciality. I have been in IT and Infrastructure Management in the City for over twenty years and there are not many problems that I haven't already seen. I can do a remote link to you, or a site visit if you are in the Brentwood (Essex - UK) and surrounding area. Please read my Testimonials to see what customers think of my service.

If you are running Microsoft Windows XP

Microsoft has declared that from April, 8th 2014 they will cease providing security updates for this Operating System.

This leaves you with three choices:-

  1. Do nothing and continue using the machine – your machine will continue as normal, but as time goes by it will become less secure and more unreliable and susceptible to a virus or some sort of malicious software.
  2. You could replace Windows XP with the highly respected free Operating System called “Ubuntu” (or a variation of this).
  3. You could purchase a replacement machine which will probably run Microsoft Windows 8.1

Please contact me if you need assistance, or advice with the above


A Testimonial ...

Moira Kilgannon
Date: Dec 09, 2009

Jim is always sorting my computer out as I am computer illiterate and he just sorts it out and this is exactly what I need