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C Sargeant
2009-11-26, 11:48
It is now some time that Jim has helped me with my computer I think about 3 years or more. Unlike other people that helped me Jim does not have that trait which so many computer anoraks have of making you feel stupid when you cant see the obvious. Yes patience is certainly Jim and his knowledge seems boundless. Most of my problems have been solved on the remote link up which is an absolute boon when you get a problem just skype him and hey presto in almost every case its settled there and then on line.
I paid in the early days for computer classes, I learned more from Jim in and hour on a link up than I ever learned in a full classroom in a week.
I hope this does not make him so popular that he gets too busy.

A Mihailovic
2009-11-26, 11:48
Ok, so I like to have a little poke around computers myself, but I know my limits and I know when to let Compuguide take over!
I’ve used them to help me out with four separate issues now and I’ve had excellent service each time - would highly recommend.
J Wathen
2005-11-19, 00:00
My computer has been infected with a few viruses so wasnt working very well at all. I phoned Jim to see if he could help me and within a few hours he had sorted out the problem. very efficient and highly recommended. thanks alot jim, its up and running smoothly now thanks. Very Happy
D Carter
2005-10-26, 00:00
Jim has sorted countless computer problems from installing a wireless network to removing viruses. He is always patient, precise and careful to explain the options or actions he needs to take to sort things out and get my computer operating properly. His patience is especially useful in supporting me to operate my computer properly because as a novice I don\'t always grasp things first time but a few minutes of Jim\'s time gets me back on track. I can thoroughly recommend Jim as a reliable professional who will take the time to sort out computer problems and offer help and support on all associated issues.
B Knell
2005-10-26, 00:00
I believed the story, just plug in the wi fi router and it will configure itself and work -- unfortunately nothing is easy -- it did not work. I therefore contacted Jim before I did too much damage and via the telephone and by remotely linking into my PC he worked methodically and configured the environment so that all is now fine. In all my dealings with Jim he has been very professional, helpful and patient (which is good when he is dealing with a \""luddite\"") and have no hesitation in recommending him to my friends.
L Dorrington
2005-10-23, 00:00
Jim has everlasting patience with these babies (computers), will sort out any problems you have and provide aftercare support should you require it (and given my experience of computers, this is something one requires continuously!). Great when you are slightly/moderately/totally out of touch with the ICT world and need someone to sort your system out. Great when you really have not got the time nor the inclination to spend hours fiddling around with a machine which does anything except what you want it to! Great when you are someone who really cannot be bothered spending hours investigating the intricacies and peculiarities of machines and software which seem to change every couple of weeks. Great when you simply want the damn thing to work properly. You could see from the above speel that I am sooooooooooooooo keen on sorting computer problems out.... which is why it is nice to have somebody to do it for me!!
A Raison
2005-10-18, 00:00
Just a quick line to commend your service to those customers who will be using your expertise for the first time. Quick, methodical & able to succinctly explain technical jargon (to some of us it is any way!). No question too small or problem too minor. Gives the non-computer illiterate amongst confidence and reassurance to have someone willing and able to tackle our everyday problems Adrian R
D Kingaby
2005-10-16, 00:00
Jim adopts a highly methodical approach to resolving IT problems that, frankly, I do not have the patience for myself. Backed by his broad knowledge and initial intuitive analysis of the underlying problem means he has a high success rate resolving issues
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