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K Raison
2010-04-22, 00:00
I can strongly recommend Jim for wireless installation, PC support and maintenance. The service he provides is fast and efficient and he has even advised me remotely whilst on holiday in South Africa! He has many years experience and offers a truly personal service.
T Patience
2010-04-03, 00:00
Having contacted Jim through a business card he put through my door about 2 years ago I didn't initially know what to expect but I have always been delighted with the service provided. Jim will always advise of the best way to go about fixing a problem and is honest if he thinks it will cost too much or isn't worth doing. He has kept my old computer jogging along and has recently been invaluable when I decided to upgrade to a new machine - needless to say things didn't go immediately to plan but his fast response kept us functioning throughout to a seamless result. Highly recommended and worth every penny.
B Goodfellow
2010-02-08, 00:00
I have relied on Jim’s computer skills and knowledge for a number of years now. He responds amazingly quickly to calls and has never failed to sort out my computer problems . The Compuguide rates are very competitive given the very high standard of the service provided.
J Grant
2010-02-08, 00:00
Having been recommended to Jim Dorrington by a mutual friend, I have found his help, advice and remedial work faultless. He is a most genuine person and very clever with his computer skills. I have no hesitation, and am very pleased to have this opportunity of recommending him.

K Parry
2009-12-09, 00:00
Whenever I have a problem with my home computer I call on Jim. He is not only reliable but very trustworthy. He can always sort my PC out and get me back up and running. I know that he is not going to “take me for a ride” I have no hesitation in recommending Compguide.

M Kilgannon
2009-12-09, 00:00
Jim is always sorting my computer out as I am computer illiterate and he just sorts it out and this is exactly what I need
C Goodchild
2009-12-09, 00:00
I find you absolutely brillant your knowledge of computers/laptops is fantastic, and you always seem to be a phone call away. Many thanks for all your help this year and have a wonderful break, you deserve it.
A Smith
2009-12-08, 11:48
It has been a while since I needed Jim’s help but in a state of emergency I felt there was only one person I could call. His knowledge of computers is endless and very reasuring when you need more technical assistance. One phone call and as always he is quick and willing to help. After one day at Jim’s premises, my PC was returned fully serviced with all my major problems sorted. From initial call to receiving my PC back was two days. It probably would have taken him less time had I not asked him to do additional work. Not only that, the advise I received on how to avoid similar problems in the future was readily forthcoming. Would highly reccommend Jim’s services to anyone.

D Montier
2009-11-28, 11:48
Friendly and efficient service. Highly recommended for ANY computer related problems
D Kingaby
2009-11-26, 11:48
Jim's dogged patience in the face of IT adversity is admirable. I like many other computer-savvy folks continue in our belief that computers must be entirely logical and whilst this remains absolutely true, there are times my faith becomes tested. At such times Jim is able to see his way through the mists of misdirection and registry swamps armed with tools akin to his favourite mini-gun and blasts a way to resolution.
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