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D Montier
2011-07-17, 00:00
Computer is working really well......................thanks again Jim !
S Thomas
2011-06-10, 00:00
Well done Jim,
Reading your new set up is so good and it is there waitng for me. The problem with the original set up centred around the fact that I was never to find “attachment” Thanks as usual for your quick and successful response.
As usual - well done Jim - Just keep being Jim!
H Armstrong
2011-05-16, 00:00
I have a recently bought laptop which I was unable to home network to an existing desktop. There was an incompatibility of operating systems, Windows 7 and XP but the problem was McAfee Firewall which Jim identified and put right, with my agreement, by downloading AVG and dispensing with McAfee on the laptop.
He also identified how to security protect one spreadsheet and went away to look at how to synchronise a folder held on both Machines(I want it for music to play in the home and to take the laptop away.
E van Renen
2011-02-20, 00:00
You are an absolute star! I wish I was a girl & married to you. Well on second thoughts......................................
I wish everything in life was so easy
Best wishes & mucho thanx
K Moran
2011-02-12, 00:00
Jim has recently provided me with some remote support that I needed to bring my email back to life. He has provided other invaluable computer/printer support to my sister. In my view, Jim is always clear when giving advice and has a patient, professional approach. I would not hesitate in recommending him to family and friends - a diamond find!
N Murphy
2011-02-12, 00:00
"A DAMSEL IN DISTRESS" Thanks a million for helping me out via Brenda today, as you see I am up and running now thanks to you. Do you provide support in other countries? As I am resident in France, and would feel very reassured if I could have your technical support. Noeleen.
[JD: Yes certainly - currently Australia, South Africa and Germany]

J Kidman
2010-08-09, 00:00
Jim’s great he knows what he’s doing and he does it fast-for an example, he got my laptop working with everything you need and now I possibly could be the happiest boy in the universe!!! :D

PS:I recommend him to every one and thankyou Jim :D
N Turner
2010-05-31, 00:00
Jim was recommended to me thought a commercial computer company, What a nice man, prompt and just got on with the Job and was more concerned with my bill adding up than I was.I would recommend Jim to any one.
J Connor
2010-05-06, 00:00
After Jim solved a problem with our PC about 2 years ago we had no hesitation in asking him for advice on upgrading our system. He came around to our house checked our system, was surprised it was still running, and gave us lots of advice re upgrading hardware, software and internet/PC security.
We bought a router, laptop, desktop, printer and handed it all over to Jim. We now have a system that we could never had put together by ourselves. Can’t thank Jim enough and we highly recommend him for his excellent service.
J Pusey
2010-04-25, 00:00
Jim has the patience of a saint! He explains succinctly and thoroughly, never making you feel inadequate. He has always done everything we have asked of him, making our computer system run like a dream. We will pick up the phone whenever there is the slightest glitch in our system knowing we have the man to put it right. I cannot recommend him highly enough!
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