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J Hyslop
2013-07-26, 00:00
Jim That really was 5 star service, your response and then visit from my late night email was amazingly quick and you sorted out the problem. If ever you needed a recommendation ( which I doubt you do) I would be very pleased to provide one!
M MacKay
2013-05-07, 00:00
I can turn my hand to most things, but there comes a time when you need to call in a professional.
D Carter
2013-04-25, 00:00
Hi Jim I’ve been playing with the phone and it’s really working well, no problems so far. Thanks for setting it up for me and spending the time on it as I’m more than pleased with it although I have yet to put the sim in it as there’s so much else to play with.
J Grant
2013-04-18, 00:00
Herewith cheques, as promised ... I don’t know what I’d do without you.
D Kingaby
2012-10-12, 00:00
In dealing with IT problems one must be methodical and possessed of forensic skills to enable you to traverse the seemingly random pathways of IT problems. Jim is thoroughly clear-headed and follows these minute trails with diligence and ultimate success where cost effective. He is also very honest in advising you as soon as possible when it just might be cheaper to go buy a new toy.
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
S White
2012-08-22, 00:00
Very grateful to have received this new guide. I have printed a copy and I am ready to go whenever needed. You have made it all seem so simple
D Montier
2012-02-26, 00:00
Thanks for sorting out the computer yesterday !
By removing that Roxio programme the computer boots up and shuts down so much quicker.
I replaced the DVD burner with a newer one and that also works as it should (faster)
So once again Jim ,thanks for your efforts
J Terrance
2011-11-21, 00:00
Jim attended promptly to our IT issue then offered useful advice for a more reliable system.
D LeFevre
2011-11-07, 00:00
I was delighted with the efficient and rapid help you were able to provide for the problem regarding an important update on my computer. The person who built the computer and a computer firm had all made several attempts to correct the problem with NO success.

I was also very happy with the way you explained what you were doing, why you were doing it and the likely outcomes of what you were doing. You seem to understand that there is a connection between the person and computer that requires delicate handling!!

Many thanks. I hope to have access to your services in the future.

Dr Dianne LeFevre
T Dowsett
2011-07-31, 00:00
I really like the system that you have installed so much better than the old one
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