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D Montier
2017-04-09, 00:00
Works a treat !
I should have guessed I suppose but how on earth did you know that ? :-)
Thanks Jim
S Mitchell
2016-05-23, 00:00
You’re a star, it all seems to be back to normal.

Thanks so much
C Sargeant
2016-04-27, 00:00
Jim I am pleased to say with your excellent help its all working including my home videos. It was exactly as you described and after a few abortive tries I am up and running. The connection is very good and the quality is excellent. Many many thanks and I am so pleased to have learnt something else.

J Beal
2016-04-22, 00:00
Thank you very much for your help.
I was glad to know that there was a way without loosing everything.
I couldn't have wished for a better outcome.

M Burton
2015-03-20, 00:00
The change that you made has stopped emails being forwarded.
You seem to have successfully weaved your magic…. Thank you very much

J Charnley
2014-06-02, 00:00
Just a quick one to thank you for sorting out my PC last week – it is most appreciated.

V Hills
2014-01-08, 11:48
Thanks Jim,just invaluable help,so many snags you sorted with total efficiency,all problems solved!I would be seriously brain dead by now without your help!Cheers
J Hyslop
2013-11-04, 11:48
Jim, many thanks that link was very helpful, it made so much more sense than the CD that came with it. Once again many thanks
N Bedwell
2013-10-23, 11:48
I just wanted to say, you've been brilliant, brilliant!
Thanks for all your help.
K Raison
2013-08-02, 00:00
Thx jim:) I have managed to follow your instructions and just tested the outcome - very impressive support! Thank you sooo much!
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