How should you use email?

Most people start by using their browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox) to access their email.

The advantage of this is that you can collect your email from anywhere in the world.

The drawback is that usually browser access to your email is advertising supported and has other limitations. You either have to run the gauntlet of pop-up adverts on their web site or you have to carry a tag line at the bottom of each email you send. Another drawback is that you have to be connected to the internet before you can read your email. If you are not connected to the Net then you won't be able to see any emails, including your old, sent or received emails.

To get around this problem a lot of people use an Email Client such as Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, or Thunderbird. These allow you to store all you email on your own desktop or laptop. You are not limited to the mailbox size restrictions that would have applied on a web based account, and you are able to prepare emails on the bus or train (or car if you are not driving) and then simply dispatch them when you can connect to the Net.

To use them you need to know a little about your service provider's mail server. CompuGuide can assist you with this process and configure your machine to retrieve and sort your emails automatically. You can operate more than one email account and have all the emails delivered into one place simultaneously. You can even configure it to allow you to choose which account you want to send your emails from, for each email you send; e.g. let's suppose you have a private email account for family and friends and another for work. Your email client can be configured to collect emails from both and to file them into two different folders, one marked Private and the other Work. When you send an email there is a new field called "From" that allows you to select which account the email is to be sent from.

The above illustrates couple of variations in email solutions - there are many more and the likelihood is that there is a better one for you, than the one you are currently using. Let CompuGuide recommend one for you.