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When BT first launched Broadband in the UK all the customer-premise-equipment (CPE) was supplied by BT as part of the service. This has all changed with the introduction of the 'wires-only' service. Here you buy the service from a provider like BT, Orange, Virgin, Demon, etc - who arrange with BT to make changes at the local exchange to enable Broadband down your standard telephone line. Since no engineer calls at your home or business, it's up you to choose and source the necessary hardware. You will need at least a modem, to make the high-speed data connection, and some splitters, (sometimes called micro-filters) which insulate the new Broadband signal from your standard phones.

 Here are a few notes to help you decide which is most suitable for you.

 USB Modems.

 These are currently the most popular offering for Broadband connections. This is largely because the original 'installed' Broadband service came with a USB modem included in the basic offering. It is also perceived by Service Providers to be the solution which requires the least support. On the down side, USB modems have a reputation for being a bit heavy on PC resources, a little slow and for being rather choosy about the operating system under which they run.

 PCI Internal Modems

 If you don't mind getting the lid off your PC and installing an internal card then a PCI modem could be for you. It will give you the best speed of any solution but will require appropriate support for your operating system.

 Modem Routers

 Although primarily designed for use with several computers on a local network, modem-routers are finding increasing favour with single computer users as well. This is because a router is independent of your computer(s) and will work with ANY operating system including Windows, NT, MacOS9, MacOSX, Linux, and Unix. Modem-routers are also fast, and internet access sharing comes as standard, without leaving a PC switched on, as would be the case for USB and internal modems.

 For further information about BROADBAND check out where you will you will find unbiased and well informed opinions and reviews.



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